There is no ‘I’

There is no ’I’, there is no ‘me’,
There’s subjective reality.
Where ‘I am you’, and ‘you are me’,
comprises everything I see.

It’s all a dream–it’s in my mind
Imaginings of every kind!
Like seeing what is one as two,
And thinking there’s a ‘me’ and ‘you.’

This slight defect is in my eyes,
And keeps me from the cherished
Of knowing I’m the only one,
And merging with the central sun.

Who Am I?

Who is this ‘I’, I claim to be,
From whence did it arise?
And what’s the source of all I see–
I can only surmise.

I knoweth not from whence I came
or where that I will go,
To question all will end the game,
And stop the passing show.

Who am I? I must ask,
Who am I? And wait…
It seems a very simple task
to modify my fate.

For when the truth of who I am
illuminates my being,
I’ll look upon my fellow man
From my new place of seeing.

I’ll meet the world with fearlessness–
With love for all I find,
And realize this dance called life
Arises from my mind.

The Power of Love

There is no I, there is no me,
We are one–can’t you see,
That loving is our natural state,
So bind your heart with love–not hate.

Let love determine every move,
Let all your actions heal and soothe
The weary hearts of fellow man,
Give every ounce of love you can.

For love will heal every woe,
And fill the world from top to toe,
With laughter and abundant grace–
Prosperity in every place.

So choose to be a loving heart.
It never is too late to start,
To let the love within you flow,
And watch the love around you grow!


Wishing you the peace that’s hidden,
Deep within your soul,
And from the depths of silence,
May this peace now make you whole.

May this place of stillness,
At the center of your being,
Influence the way you act,
And all that you are seeing.

Let peace become the focus,
Of your world and of your life,
Removing you from suffering,
And every form of strife.

For peace is letting go of every want
And each desire,
And sending all attachments,
To the great internal fire.


I Am the Light

I AM the light, I AM the Christ,

I AM the God within,

I AM the truth the wise men seek,

Who turn away from sin.

I am the love within your heart–

The love that soothes your soul,

The love that heals your separate self,

By making you feel whole.

I AM the truth that sets you free,

I purify your heart,

I’ll lead you through eternity,

But you must choose to start!